River Mole Fishery

Whilst the rest of the angling community were either wetting a line, or dreaming about it now that angling is back on the agenda, I took the opportunity to visit the River Mole fishery at Cobham. Not to fish I must say at this point, but to carry out some fishery work in readiness for June 16th.

When CALPAC first took this fishery on in 2007, you could not even walk along the bank because of the nettles. Now as you will see from the photos below, you can walk the entire length easily, with many inviting swims to entice to stop along the way. This just goes to prove that hard work does pay off in the end, because it was one of my initial targets when I took on the post of Fisheries Officer.

I hope that many of you will spend some time on this fishery during season 2020/21, because there are many specimen Chub waiting to be caught.

I will be revisiting the fishery on Friday 29th May to carry out some more work, if anyone would like to join me. Social distancing will be in place on the day, to ensure everyone’s safety.

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