Padworth Fishery 22nd May 2021

As is customary on the Padworth Fishery work party, which is always attended by Thatcham AA members and myself, the work begins in the kitchen the night before. The baking always produces a Lemon Drizzle Cake by special request and one other, which this year was a Chocolate Oreo Sponge.

As a lot of work was already done on this fishery during April, most of today’s work was cosmetic in preparation for the 16th June. The grass has been cut in the car park, along the pathway and all the swims. The two fly fishing areas also received another cut, which is helping to eliminate the area of nettles which used to grow along the bank.

I have also started a longer term project of removing large areas of brambles, which are restricting sunlight penetrating the river. This will assist in the regeneration of Ranuculus along the river, which provides habitat for juvenile fish and invertebrates.

The memorial bench for Alf Duffy and Malcolm Milford-scott also received a makeover, to keep it looking nice in the future. Two new fishery signs were installed, one at the beginning of the fishery and one in the last swim.

All in all, for CALPAC members and affiliated members, the Padworth Fishery has to be one of the most angler friendly river fisheries in the country.

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