River Kennet Padworth and Bulls Lock

Three consecutive days spent on two of our River Kennet fisheries, has ensured that season 22/23 would be an enjoyable angling experience for any members wetting a line at either Padworth or Bulls Lock.

With the very hard work completed at Bulls Lock last April, this visit was more cosmetic based. The fishery has a lovely new sign, making it easy to find, and the whole stretch of river is accessible from the bank now, apart from one very small section.

Padworth, being a much longer fishery is always requiring a lot more work. Some of this involved the removal of a few tree limbs from the river, which were  not suitable for swim enhancement. Two Buddlias were given an overdue pruning. One was starting to encroach on the pathway, and the other was impeding the backwater.

The bank fishing areas suitable for fly fishing were given a cut, ready for any early season members targeting the Brown Trout.

A visit to the Southern Channel at the weir end of the fishery, to examine the  habitat work carried out on our behalf two years ago, proved very satisfying. The gravel bar for spawning was looking very clean, and the brash berm installed to narrow the channel was looking good. Hopefully the fish will visit this area over the next couple  of months.

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