River Mole Work Party

Thursday 2nd June was the final preparation work party for the river Mole at Cobham, prior to the new season starting on the 16th June.

A big thank you must be given to BGL for cutting a pathway along the whole stretch, from the stepping stones over the ditch, to the boundary. They also cut pathways to all of the swims along this section.

This just left me the section before the stepping stones to prepare. I managed to cut a circular pathway linking up all of the swims in this section.

The fishery is now in perfect condition ready for the start of the season. Tight lines to all anglers fishing this CALPAC water.

2 thoughts on “River Mole Work Party

  1. Can I ask a) is this a day wicket ad b) can you spin. I’m looking for somewhere my friend and I can spin in November that is mid-wayish between us (Christchurch/Croydon)




  2. Hi Clive,

    Yes the river Mole is a day ticket fishery. It is also ideal for lure fishing, as there are a good head of Pike and Perch. Day tickets must be bought in advance, this can be done by submitting a request on the contact us page.


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