CALPAC’s Aims and Objectives

Vision Statement
CALPAC, having provided ‘Angling for All’ since 1879, will strive to ensure they continue to do this into the next century.
They aim to achieve this by becoming a fully inclusive association, involving all members in the decision making. This will ensure a much more captive audience when dealing with the association’s day to day running. This will go towards providing excellent fisheries, at an affordable price, whilst giving as much access as possible to all members of society.
The association will always promote itself as an organisation that wants to help smaller clubs gain access to waters they cannot afford to own themselves. This fully supports the original ethos of why CALPAC was formed in 1879. These core values will still be embraced by the committee, and used to promote angling to the wider community.
What the association wants to do now is operate as a 21st century association, with the main focus on marketing itself through the use of modern media methods. This strategy will be used to raise the profile of CALPAC, throughout the angling industry.
CALPAC, as an association, is determined to improve its profile through the careful management of its fisheries. The association is fully aware of the important role it has to play in caring for the environment. They will look at all aspects of biodiversity when making decisions on fishery improvements, with the emphasis on delivering the correct balance with nature. Conservation will always be at the forefront of any plans to improve the fisheries, limiting any impact on wildlife and vegetation. Education, plays an important part with this aspect of management, with the association aiming to work as prime educators to all of its members.

Aims and Objectives

Provide excellent Angling opportunities for all. To be financially self-sufficient. Involve all members in CALPAC’s future. To manage the biodiversity carefully on all fisheries.

Increase membership numbers year on year. Ensure membership fees are set at a rate to cover all associations’ costs. Ensure fisheries are accessible to all, throughout the season. Give all members the chance to have a say in the running of CALPAC. Give advice to all members on caring for all aspects of CALPAC’s fisheries.

Offer members a good product at a fair price. Market all things that are positive about CALPAC membership. Carry out annual surveys, to gain feedback from members. Add links to website detailing SSSI status, local wildlife and fauna. Have a full management plan in place for all CALPAC fisheries. Increase Stillwater ownership. Post monthly delegate meeting minutes on the website. Offer incentives to encourage members to attend work parties.

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