CALPAC’s History

Established in 1879.

With the increasing desire for us to hanker after bygone days, how fortunate we find ourselves to be associated with one of the oldest Angling Associations in the country.
CALPAC was original formed in 1879, long before the advent of the Motor Car, and most certainly before the digital media age we now find our lives dominated by. The association was primarily formed to offer angling to clubs, who were not in a position to purchase their own fisheries, to gain access to a good days fishing. This good days fishing may have been acquired by a ride on the early morning milk train, as it would have been one of the only modes of transport available at this time.
With the passing of time, and the development of the Internal Combustion Engine, CALPAC grew as an association. This growth, culminated in a boom with the number of clubs wishing to affiliate, so much so, that in 1964, a temporary limitation was put the number of clubs being accepted at 150! This limitation remained in place until further venues were available.
The association has always had a good match fishing section. This was recognised many years ago, by one of the country’s most famous fishing tackle manufactures, ‘Hardy Bros (Alnwick) Ltd’. They donated the Hardy Championship Cup, which was to be competed for as an individual championship trophy. This trophy still takes pride of place in the yearly fixture list, which is available to our affiliated clubs.

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