CALPAC’s Fishery Rules

These rules apply to all the fisheries that CALPAC own or lease, unless otherwise amended by the rules and regulations specific to a particular fishery.

1. No more than two rods are to be used at one and the same time per angler on all waters of the association.

2. Only Barbless Hooks to be used at all times.

3. All fish will be weighed at the bank and returned alive to the water.

4. If a rod and line is to be left unattended, the hook must be removed from the water, the bait removed and the hook left safe.

5. No Barbel, Carp or distressed fish to be retained in keepnets. They must be weighed and returned immediately to the water.

6. No member/day ticket angler shall take any tin cans or glass bottles apart from those containing medical prescriptions on to an Association Fishery at any time.

7. That any member/day ticket angler on arriving at any of the Association Fisheries finds evidence of dead or dying fish will immediately notify the General Secretary/Fisheries Officer, and/or the appropriate Water Authority. Delay could mean the loss of the entire stock.

8. No members/day ticket anglers are permitted to take any dog, gun or other weapon on to an Association Fishery, or the land adjacent thereto unless he/she has prior written permission from the General Secretary. This permission is not normally given.

9. That all members/day ticket anglers will keep to the footpaths and use stiles/gates to gain access, ensuring that all gates are closed behind them.

10. That every member/day ticket angler of the Association will collect any litter in the area they intend to fish before they start fishing. This must be removed from the fishery.

11. Generally night fishing is not allowed on Association Fisheries. This means that all anglers must be clear of the venue by the published times, except at designated venues with special permits.

12. That no member/day ticket angler is permitted to play a radio/mobile phone without using headphones.

13. Members must be in possession of a valid Membership Book whilst fishing. If you are not in possession of the above, you will be asked to leave the fishery.

14. All members and day ticket anglers are required to use clean and dried nets and clothing before fishing on association waters. This is to follow good practice in Biosecurity. (Check, Clean, Dry)

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