Fishery Closures

CALPAC have decided to close the Stew Pond Fishery on Epsom Common on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022.
This is due to the predicted high temperature. Our policy of fish welfare will always be paramount  in any decisions we make. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope you respect our decision.

Yalding Two fishery will be closed to members on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th August 2022.

His Charity which supports Mental Health issues in men, will be hosting a fundraising event over these two days. The fishery will be open as usual on Sunday 21st August.

Pulborough Fishery Parking

The car park at the fishery is closed at the moment, because of restoration works being carried out on Swan Bridge. The works are due to be completed by the 8th July, but please check the website for updates should anything change.

Oxygenating Plants

Our two lakes have both been planted with Oxygenating Plants during April and May. This should help Manor Pond and the Stew Pond to retain good levels of dissolved oxygen throughout the summer, and help to create a balanced and healthy aquatic environment.

Pulborough Fishery Parking

We have been informed that there is a four hour parking restriction in the small car park adjacent to our fishery. Please be aware that you may receive a penalty charge or wheel clamp if you overstay your limit.

Manor Pond Rig Checks

The bailiffs at Manor Pond have decided to carry out spot checks on angler’s rigs, because of a growing number of illegal rigs being used. Please assist the bailiffs in their work, and allow them to carry out these checks.

Although this may be inconvenient, because you have just made the perfect cast. If we can’t put a stop to this selfish practice, the long term future of the healthy stock of Carp in Manor Pond, will be at risk of disappearing before long. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

CALPAC have been asked by HIS Charity, who specialise in helping men who may be suffering with Mental Health problems, to promote their services via our media platforms. We are very happy to be able to promote the work of HIS Charity, who are doing a fantastic job helping men in the South East get specialist help to deal with their problems/issues.

Please use the link on our ‘Useful Links’ page to see for yourself what wonderful support this charity offers.

You can also visit their facebook page. Search for HIS: help information support. They are currently running Tackle Tuesday Zoom meetings on their facebook page.

The committee would like to thank the Manor Pond Bailiff George McKee, for averting a possible tragedy at Manor Pond. He came to the rescue of a CALPAC member, who was suddenly taken ill during a night fishing session at the fishery. George acted in a very responsible way by calling the Emergency Services, then taking care of the member until the Paramedics arrived.

This incident also highlighted the importance of adding an Emergency Contact in the notes section of your CALPAC Handbook. If you haven’t already done this, please could you do so asap.

CALPAC have three Facebook pages running now. One represents CALPAC Angling Association itself, and two are fishery related pages. These are for Manor Pond and the Stew Ponds respectively. The CALPAC page will post information relevant to the association, The other two will have up to date information about each of the specific fisheries, including catch reports and photos.

Search in Facebook for ‘CALPAC Angling Association’, ‘CALPAC Manor Pond’ and ‘The Great Stew Ponds Epsom’.

River Kennet Stocking Program 2019/20

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