Manor Pond polite request

Manor Pond Fishery was closed on Saturday 10th October 2020 for essential clean-up works. These works were been deemed necessary, as a few members have decided to use the fishery as a toilet, but are not cleaning up their mess after them. If you do require a ‘POO’, please ensure that you keep rubbish/poo bags in your kit, so that everything can be taken away by ‘yourself’ and disposed of in a hygienic and responsible way. Thank you!

Important message for all CALPAC Bailiffs (Dated 11/09/2020). The following membership books have gone missing: CALPAC 1089 and Basingstoke 1847. If either of these books come into your possession, please confiscate them and contact our Treasurer John Bygrave to let him know you have them. Many thanks for your help with this matter.

CALPAC have three Facebook pages running now. One represents CALPAC Angling Association itself, and two are fishery related pages. These are for Manor Pond and the Stew Ponds respectively. The CALPAC page will post information relevant to the association, The other two will have up to date information about each of the specific fisheries, including catch reports and photos.

Search in Facebook for ‘CALPAC Angling Association’, ‘CALPAC Manor Pond’ and ‘The Great Stew Ponds Epsom’.

CALPAC can confirm that the Angling Trust have announced that fishing resumed from Wednesday 13th May 2020. There are guidelines which need to be followed at the moment, these must be adhered to. Please click on the following link Guidelines for Anglers to make yourself aware of the guidelines to follow. CALPAC thank you for your cooperation.

CALPAC will not be issuing any Members Guest tickets until further notice. This is because of the increased risk of spreading Covid 19.

River Kennet Stocking Program 2019/20

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