CALPAC Present and Future

Present Day CALPAC
CALPAC is fundamentally in a good position at present, with an average membership, encompassing both associate members and affiliated clubs. Their portfolio of waters includes one of the top Barbel fisheries in the country, Padworth on the River Kennet, alongside a stunning 3 acre lake in Cobham, Manor Pond, home to some very large Tench and Carp. There is a full committee of officers who are very pro-active in the day to day running of the association. They are also embracing the need to change into an association equipped to deal with the 21st century, the ever changing society and the environment.

CALPAC in the future
CALPAC will aim to be recognised as one of the leading Angling Bodies in the way it has adapted to the changes in society and the environment. Conservation will play an important part in every decision the association makes on improvement plans for its fisheries. As custodians of land and water, the emphasis will be placed on limiting any impact the work may have on local wildlife and fauna, because a healthy biodiversity is paramount in providing a healthy fishery.
CALPAC will strive to engage the wider community in the role angling has to play in caring for the environment, and the benefits that it brings to all.

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