Sulhamstead Fishery River Kennet

On Thursday 30th July I visited our Sulhamstead fishery to carry out some extra swim clearance and preparation. All the work concentrated on the area between the cattle drink and the 2nd gate. It was very noticeable whilst I was at the fishery, how many different year classes of fish there were cruising around inContinue reading “Sulhamstead Fishery River Kennet”

Padworth Fishery River Kennet

On Wednesday 29th July I visited our Padworth Fishery to fit the memorial plaque to the bench in remembrance of our former General Secretary Malcolm Milford-Scott. It was a privilege for me to carry out this task, because I helped Malcolm install the bench last September. This is the bench he kindly made in remembranceContinue reading “Padworth Fishery River Kennet”

Speringbrook Sewer Fishery Snargate

I have spent two short sessions at the Speringbrook Sewer fishery recently, to start the swim preparations for the glorious 16th. This fishery is always a little daunting when no work has been done until June, because of the rate the vegetation grows at this time of year. I have managed to create clear accessContinue reading “Speringbrook Sewer Fishery Snargate”

Bulls Lock Fishery River Kennet

Continuing with the solo work party theme, I was to be found this week preparing the Bulls Lock Fishery for the opening of the river season on the 16th June. Like any natural river fishery, the vegetation had grown significantly since the warmer weather had arrived. Not to be deterred, I highlighted the five availableContinue reading “Bulls Lock Fishery River Kennet”