Padworth Fishery River Kennet

With the announcement that angling was able to resume on Wednesday 13th May, I decided that I would pay a visit on Saturday 16th May to the CALPAC fishery at Padworth, to carry out some bank side work along the river.

It has been my intention to take advantage of the increase in the Brown Trout population in this fishery, as well as the ongoing Grayling re-stocking program the EA has been carrying out over the last five years, to introduce Fly Fishing to this fishery. I have been trialling Dry Fly and Nymph fishing at the fishery for the last two seasons, with positive results. Most of this fishing has involved wading into the river to cast a fly successfully. With this in mind, I decided to create a couple of areas along the bank, where a fly could be cast easily.

None of this work has impacted on the many secluded Barbel and Chub swims along the fishery. It is just helping to move towards creating a fishery that caters for anglers from different aspects of the sport.

The photos below highlight what a stunning fishery Padworth is, and how lucky CALPAC members are to have access to such a beautiful stretch of the River Kennet.

River Mole Fishery

Whilst the rest of the angling community were either wetting a line, or dreaming about it now that angling is back on the agenda, I took the opportunity to visit the River Mole fishery at Cobham. Not to fish I must say at this point, but to carry out some fishery work in readiness for June 16th.

When CALPAC first took this fishery on in 2007, you could not even walk along the bank because of the nettles. Now as you will see from the photos below, you can walk the entire length easily, with many inviting swims to entice to stop along the way. This just goes to prove that hard work does pay off in the end, because it was one of my initial targets when I took on the post of Fisheries Officer.

I hope that many of you will spend some time on this fishery during season 2020/21, because there are many specimen Chub waiting to be caught.

I will be revisiting the fishery on Friday 29th May to carry out some more work, if anyone would like to join me. Social distancing will be in place on the day, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Yalding Two Fishery

This is obviously a lonely time to be a Fisheries Officer carrying out essential fishery work, but I managed to get a great deal of work completed at the Yalding Two fishery on Saturday 28th March. Flood damage to the fishery was very minimal, which was very helpful. I managed to create better access to a number of swims, which can be seen in the following before and after photos.